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At DTD Fitness, we kick off your scheduling with personal assessments to evaluate your personal goals and fitness needs. Using or InBody scale we determine your body composition (Weight, Muscle mass, Body Fat, BMI ,BMR, and many more). Then after You are assigned to a personal coach who works closely with you and holds your hand through a fitness blueprint designed to enable you to accomplish your objectives. You will meet weekly with your coach for direct and hands-on training. This presents you with the opportunity to work with an expert who can help you unlearn negative fitness habits keeping you away from your goals, and build the set of actions it takes to get you where you want to be.



Our aim is to help each individual reach their fitness goal, and we do this by carefully crafting plans with comprehensive information about your lifestyle and diet. We evaluate your current habit and body frame and discuss what goals you want to attain. In the end, we arrive at the perfect training plan that fits your lifestyle and body goals.

How eager are you to change your life? Get signed up for a better life through our fundamentals program. This program is designed to provide a strong foundation for you and helps you significantly work on your quality of life in three to six months. You begin to unravel your unique training styles and start making result-oriented choices regarding your diet, approach, and recovery.



Get things running in just twelve weeks!

At DTD, we understand the effect of periodized training in fitness, and through our twelve-week plan, you get to improve your health and attain your fitness goal. We do this by first running a personal assessment to craft your goal before setting out a realistic plan to help you achieve them. After which, our expert coach offers you the best support, environment, and tools to sum up a great fitness experience.

The Essential program requires you to train two to three times a week under the guidance of your personal coach in our private studio. Alongside the tailor-made training, you get nutritional advice while we evaluate your improvement weekly.


DUO Training , all training programs give you full access to your personal coach. Coaches attend to you with special attention and professionalism at all times. In rounding up this program, you can choose to subscribe for more, cancel, or enroll in another program.

We are all about visible results!
Get your dream fitness goal to reality by subscribing to this twelve-week plan, where we work on your physical body goal and strengthen your weak areas.

Included in this program

Twelve weeks of targeted personal training
❖ Nutritional advice
Weekly evaluation
Digital Coaching
❖ Indbody Body composition reading

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